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Every year hundreds and even thousands of dogs end up in shelters in Hungary. Many times people don’t think responsibly that a dog should be cared for not only when the it is small and cute but as an adult as well. The other reason may be that due to a changed life situation, they can no longer take care of the dog, and they simply get rid of it. Dogs often get abandoned on the side of the road, in the forest. Newborn puppies are put in garbage bags, left to their fate… Shelter dogs often find new home soon, but some remain there for the rest of their lives. And there’s the issue of animal cruelty and neglect too. Unfortunately, the Animal Welfare Act does not serve as a deterrent to those who abuse their dogs in any way.

The situation is very sad and most of the good shelters are struggling to maintain themselves, just like “Kis Kincsek Állatvédelmi Alapítvány” who we support. They don’t get any help from the state. They sustain themselves from donations and the support of individuals. They have many goals: educate children & adults about dogs and how to care for them, a proper shelter and a dog hospice for elderly dogs. In the endless battle, they perform beyond strength, but still don’t give up, as their goal is to find a new home for -at the moment- 51 dogs, where they can live happily and forget about all the bad things they had to endure.

With the purchase, you can help them save lives.

Bank account for individual donations: HU07117420252443824100000000



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