Finding the best food for your furry friend is not easy, we know that. That’s why we, at Katie’s Pet Heaven decided to give you the opportunity for a FREE CONSULTATION with a dog nutrition specialist. Nutrition – for all breeds and sizes – is of key importance when it comes to the overall well-being of your dog.

The topics covered are the following: choosing dog food, foods to avoid, dangerous foods, elimination diet, allergies, intolerances, skin and coat problems, supplements, obesity, weight loss, vegetarian/vegan diet, slow feeding, bloat prevention, arthritis, joint problems, plaque, tartar and bad breath.

Also, if you are interested in puppy, adult dog, senior dog nutrition, or want to get a customized meal plan for your pet, fill out the form and hit the submit button.

Please, keep in mind that this service is for general pet health and well-being information only and not a substitute for veterinary care. Always consult your vet about an appropriate diet if your pet has health issues.

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